What’s the idea?

What’s the idea?


Bluepencil Designs have an outstanding track record of planning success which might be due to ideas, design skill, presentation quality, knowledge and experience. If achieving a planning consent is your aim then you might like to work with us. We specialise in residential masterplanning and would like to work with you!


Our IDEA is give you more than most other architects and master planners. We can do this because we have a well developed IDEA about how to create a masterplan or a residential layout.


The IDEA is to make life as easy as possible for you!


The IDEA is to give you the information you need about site coverage, density, mix, parking, build cost, sales values etc at the beginning of the design process, not the end.


We came up with this IDEA after many years of working in the residential development industry as both a client and a consultant. We understand the process and we understand what your different teams need at different stages of the process.


The IDEA is to provide masterplans which are:


  • INFORMATIVE – the design is based on detailed analysis
  • DATA-LINKED – the individual components are linked to databases
  • EDITABLE – every element is quick and easy to edit
  • ACCURATE – all drawings and measurements are 100% accurate


The best thing about this IDEA is that we take the risk out of the process. We do this in two ways.


Firstly we take away the risk that early designs are too sketchy and therefore can be inaccurate. Even our ‘sketch’ designs are supported by accurate detailed layouts so that we can give you information about unit numbers, sizes and mix for your financial modelling at this early stage. This detail can also give planning committees reassurance.


Secondly we take away the risk of you having to pay for additional detailed design work early on. We are able to offer you this saving because we have finely tuned, well developed systems in place which enables us to work quickly and efficiently. In other words, we pass our savings on to you.


Why do we do all this?


The IDEA is that once you have worked with us you will want to work with us again, building a good working relationship to the benefit of both parties. All our clients have given us repeat business.


Here are some of the things they have said about us…….


“Mette McLarney (Founder and Director of Bluepencil Designs) is a genuinely talented individual who has added real value to City & Country by the clever use of new technology, which she uses to demonstrate her commercial yet creative flair, in an accurate and informative way.”

Helen Moore

Managing Director – City & Country


“Bluepencil understand our thinking and requirements as developers yet interprets them in such a way as to impress the Local Authority at both officer and Councillor level.”

Ian Chater

Chater Homes

“Bluepencil Designs always produce first class, professional work and respond to our requirements quickly and thoroughly.”

Mark Gilpin

Design Director, Inland Homes

Bluepencil Designs approached the design challenges of this development with great sensitivity and attention to detail. Their work is thorough and extremely well presented.”

Peter Hall

John Hall Voluntary Foundation


“An exemplar Design and Access Statement”

Case Officer

Maidstone Borough Council

‘This is exactly the right approach to masterplanning, all architects should take a leaf out of your book.’

Planning Committee

Uttlesford District Council


So, if you like the look of all this and think it would be a good IDEA to get in touch we would love to talk to you.

T: 01621841053

M: 07718626383

E: mette@bluepencildesigns.com

W: bluepencildesigns.com

Winners of 2017 Excellence in Masterplanning Award


Lightbulb photograph courtesy of smartidiom.pt

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