Tiptree homes selling fast!

Bluepencil Designs worked with Inland Homes and Colchester Borough Council to  achieve a successful planning consent for 38 new homes in Tiptree last year. The development is  proving to be very popular with more than 50% of the homes already sold.


We recently visited the almost complete development and are delighted to have been part of this successful project. The landscape is maturing and people are busy are moving into their new homes, in a development which is sure to become a successful new community.  Houses are arranged around a central green space, providing a visual and social focal point as well as a natural, beautifully designed play space.


The houses were designed to reflect the local vernacular and are accessed off a shared surface. This are a good example of a design influenced by the Essex Design Guide.


Tiptree is officially the largest village in the UK and is best known for its fruit farms and jam factory.


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