Working with ROSE

We are delighted to be commissioned by ROSE Builders of Manningtree on a residential scheme in Essex

A traditional family-run firm of builders, contractors and developers established circa 1896, Rose are one of the leading construction companies in East Anglia.

This is our first commission from Rose and we are pleased to be working with them on a site close to home in Essex. The site already has Outline Planning consent. We will first be creating  data linked 3D models of all Rose housetypes and then producing a proving layout over the whole mixed use site.

Working in this way, with a proving layout, helps the client to make decisions regarding design, infrastructure phasing, (construction and sales), as well as marketing – at the earliest stages of the design development. It also enables changes to be made whilst maintaining the balance of unit types and numbers across the whole site.

Once the proving layout is agreed we will create detailed 3D models of each housetype  and prepare the Detailed Application material as usual.

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