Latest commission – In Zimbabwe

Bluepencil Designs’ latest commission was to design an environmentally

friendly, luxury holiday retreat for eco-travellers. The site is at The Victoria

Falls in Zimbabwe. The designs include a 3 bedroom ‘long house’ and two

different 1 bedroom ’roundhouses’. Each house has ensuite bathrooms, a

kitchen and a living/dining area. The whole site will be solar powered and

water will be from boreholes.

The inspiration for the designs came from the traditional thatched houses

of Zimbabwe and will be decorated to reflect the shapes and colours (red

white and grey) found on the roundhouses at the Unesco World Heritage

site of ancient Great Zimbabwe at Masvingo.

Our client, Kumusha Luxury Travel, came up with the concept of creating a

mid price range holiday retreat that was affordable to the people of

Zimbabwe who want to visit the Victoria Falls but find that hotels in the

area only cater for wealthy international travellers. We are delighted to be

involved in this interesting project, which although a departure from our

residential masterplanning specialism, still involves designing houses.

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