Mill Barn, Kent

Putland Properties
Conversion of dilapidated oast house and addition of new building for office use – A feasibility study

The excercise was to produce 3 different designs with detailed floor area calculations for the purposes of financial appraisal and for a pre application discussion.


Using the comprehensive survey drawings by JC White we created a 3D model of the existing buildings and then the three different scenarios.


The first was to retain the original building and add a traditional style extension. The second was to retain the existing building and add a contemporary style building. The third was to demolish and rebuild a completely new building in a traditional style.


We were able to very quickly produce these three options which were 100% accurate, thereby providing our client with  accurate information early on in the design process so that he could consider the financial implications of the different options. This is something that Bluepencil Designs specialise in. All our sketches and feasibility studies are based on robust, accurate, information – so there are no surprises later on. We are able to do this quickly and economically because of the time we have spent investing in software, skills, processes and methods. This is supported by our many years of experience in the industry.


Accurate   Information   Early

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