Hoo, Kent

June 23, 2016
A and C Goatham and Son
OPA, Sensitive design, Growing the village naturally

The site at Street Farm is on the edge of the village of Hoo in Kent, on Stoke Road. 


Street Farm, owned by A & C Gaotham and Son, has been associated with the storage and packing of top fruit for many years. Recently this operation has expanded and re-located to Flanders Farm.


This site was not within the village boundary. Our Client was very keen to produce an attractive design of medium density. Our approach was to study the growth of the village from 1600 to present day and then to show how our proposal would be an appropriate and logical continuation of this growth.


The proposed illustrative layout shows two character types: a tight-knit, terraced character around the central green space and a looser character of detached houses around the western and northern boundaries.


The key feature on the site is the PROW which crosses the site from north to south. Where the residential road crosses the PROW it will be marked by a change of materials and priority will be given to pedestrians, cycles and  horses using the PROW.


We worked with Phase 2 Planning on this project.


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