Bramshill House

Bluepencil Designs are delighted to be working with City & Country on a number of new build projects, including a development of new homes within the grounds of Bramshill House in Hampshire and look forward to working on this project of such historical and architectural significance”.


Bramshill House is a stunning Grade I Listed mansion, built in the early 17th Century, is set within a Grade II Listed park, with commanding views of the surrounding countryside. Features include majestic state rooms, stunning banquet halls, a library and two chapels. Other significant architectural features include a stone frontispiece by John Thorpe and a lake including a geometric island. The mansion is flanked on one side by Grade I Listed walled gardens, and to the other a vast, historic deer park, which is home to a mystical all-white fallow deer herd.


Helen Moore, Managing Director of City & Country said;

Mette (Director of Bluepencil Designs) is a genuinely talented individual who has added real value to City & Country by the clever use of new technology, which she uses to demonstrate her commercial yet creative flair, in an accurate and informative way.’


City & Country is the award-winning heritage developer operating in the South and prime markets around key cities.Quality is at the centre of everything that City & Country does, which is how they remain leaders in their field. By combining experience with a fresh, creative approach and a strong emphasis on design and traditional craftsmanship they are able to deliver successful and aspirational developments.


City & Country’s guiding principle is to work with the historic grain of their sites. They are recognised within the industry as being at the forefront of intelligent design with the ability to weave contemporary homes into a building’s history and character, creating unique and outstanding properties.

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