Bluepencil Designs Celebrate their 4th Anniversary!

Bluepencil Designs celebrate their 4th anniversary this month.

With a 100% planning success rate on over 38 masterplans, it has been a busy 4 years!

We would like to thank all our loyal clients for the exciting opportunities they continue to give us year after year. Extra special thanks must go to Inland Homes and Chater Homes who have given us plenty to do over the last four years and who are a real pleasure to work with.

As masterplanners, we  work as part of a team of consultants. We would like to thank all our consultant colleagues for their assistance, support and great working relationships. Special thanks go to Wagstaffs, David Jarvis Associates,

Markides Associates, Andrew Martin Planning, Urban Silence and Phase 2 Planning & Development, for always helping us push the boundaries and produce our best work.

In the last 4 years we have worked on many exciting projects, including private residential and commercial design projects. We have become specialists in residential density analysis and are advising a number of local authorities in this area of work. We are now the architect partner in the East of England for the German company Meisterstueck Haus, and hope to deliver Meisterstueck’s first commercial building in the UK later this year. We currently have projects ongoing in 11 counties in the South of England.



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