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We are delighted to have been given a place by the RIBA at the Ask an Architect feature of the Homebuilders and Renovation show in London on 25th September. We will be available to give free advice to those thinking of building their own home. This advice will include planning, design, construction methods, the process itself and what they should look for when selecting an architect for their project.


We believe that the most important thing to look for is a professional  they feel they can trust. The issue of trust is vital because the process is a long and complex one. We will suggest that the track record is examined carefully and, wherever possible, talk to former clients of the architect.


The next most important thing to look for is an architect who will communicate well. Not just communicate design ideas, but communicate information, good news and bad.  There is nothing more annoying than being unable to get in touch with your architect. There is absolutely no excuse for that with the technologies available to us today – it takes seconds to send a text or email, even just to say ‘got your message, will call you this afternoon’.


The third piece of advice we will give is to find an architect who is honest. Sometimes architects have to give clients advice about the reality or viability of their dreams and aspirations, which can be taken as bad news. In all cases honest is the best policy.




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