Residential Density

A Google search for ‘Residential Density’ or ‘Housing Density’ will now lead

you to the  Bluepencil Designs Manual of Housing Density. 


This publication has been sold all around the world and is now being used

by some Local Authorities as supplementary Planning Guidance. Initially it

was produced for the benefit of residential developers, land buyers and

land owners but it is now also being used to assist in the production of

Local Plans, as well as by local communities to question the density of

housing allocations. In addition it is being used by a growing number of

colleges and universities as part of their Architecture and Urban Design



Bluepencil Designs have created an accurate reference book from which:


  1. You will know how to calculate your net site area before any drawings have been produced.
  2. You will know your net density and total unit numbers – giving you a realistic place to start your development proposals.
  3. You will understand what different densities will look like when they are built.
  4. You will know how to avoid the ‘planning policy pitfalls’ which are triggered at different density thresholds.
  5. You will know how to determine the density of the surrounding settlement and how to create an appropriate neighbouring density.
  6. You will understand the many implications of changing the unit mix.
  7. You will understand the implications of parking, cycle storage, refuse collection and SuDS on your density (and unit numbers).


“we were able to produce this manual because all our masterplans, site

layouts and planning application work is created using BIM software.  We are

able to attach data to every house type, even at the earliest feasibility stages

of a project. Now entering our 7th year we have a huge library of data from

which we are able to advise clients on density, mix and yields” 


Mette McLarney, Director and Founder of Bluepencil Designs.


If you are interested in a one hour CPD presentation on the topic of

Residential Density please email:





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